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MonoX 4.8 is out!

06/19/2013Categories: MonoX, ASP.NET

MonoX 4.8 was just made available in our download section. This version is bringing a few major changes to the table. One of the biggest changes is jQuery migration to version 1.9. We have included the migration scripts, so you won’t have to upgrade your client-side code. Another important change is the removal of the SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) dependency, which was used during the MonoX installation: from now on MonoX package should be a bit lighter and it won’t require constant upgrades in order to support the newest SQL Server versions. We have also pushed new MonoX  version to Microsoft Windows Web App Gallery so it should be available directly from WebPI in a couple of days.

Another step forward was made in with the introduction of MonoX NuGet package library. MonoX has the following packages available:

Please take a look at the package dependencies before you install a package, as some packages require MonoX CMS Runtime  to be installed in advance. This will in turn install a complete MonoX package, which may be not needed in some cases. All packages contain MonoX version 4.8+ and nightly build versions are also available in the NuGet Library. Don’t forget that you can always follow the active development in the MonoX Nightly Builds section and download sample source code packages from our GitHub page.

Other changes, features and bug fixes are listed below:


  • jQuery upgrade to v1.9
  • Removed SMO dependencies
  • Removed TagTheNet mashup provider
  • Improved MonoX installation wizard
  • Exposed new parts of the MonoX API
  • BREAKING – Moved MonoX localization resources to the separate project

New Features

  • Social disconnect module added
  • Introduced NuGet packages

Bug fixes

  • Twitter API v1.1 fix
  • Fixed default theme responsive design issues
  • Fixed MonoXFileSystem provider issues
Few side notes on upcoming versions


  • New MonoX theme (SaSS, Foundation) + NuGet package.
  • Redesigned MonoX administration and installation wizard
  • Data Access Layer NuGet Package will be introduced
  • Updated NuGet packages
  • Bug fixes


Enjoy new MonoX release and feel free to send your feedback to our Roadmap forum.

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