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MonoX v5.1 is out!

12/31/2014Categories: MonoX, ASP.NET

A long-awaited new version of MonoX - v5.1 - has just been released. The most significant improvement it brings is a full support for Dependency Injection (via Ninject DI container) in all major modules. We have also added a nice looking MonoX Analytics section that can be used to track many social aspects and trends inside the community. In addition to that, the old Silverlight upload module has been removed and replaced with HTML5 upload module, so it is fully supported in all modern browsers, including those running on mobile devices.

Other changes, features and bug fixes are listed below:


  • MonoX Analytics - events tracking with accompanying dashboard overview
  • HTML5 upload WebPart as default on all modules
  • Recent Photos WebPart (Open Source) as a part of Photo Gallery
  • Dependency Injection enabled on all major controls and services
  • MonoX Themes for v5.1 
  • Upgraded Social Login (support for latest versions of major SN providers)
  • Updated GitHub DAL repository
  • Updated GitHub Demo pages repository
  • Updated GitHub Localization resources repository


  • bug related to RegEx parsing performance
  • bug related to Gravatar cache is fixed
  • bugs related to Azure File System provider are fixed
  • Nightly builds restored

Note: A complete list of changes and bug fixes will be published within change logs distributed with the MonoX package.

Useful links:

NuGet Packages

Windows Web App Gallery

MonoSoftware @ GitHub

MonoX Nightly Builds

Microsoft Web Platform Installer Custom Feed (How to use a Custom Feed)

Enjoy new MonoX release and feel free to send your feedback to our Roadmap forum.

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By super
That's great khorvat, thank you for the update! Where I can find the upgrade guide from 4.9 to 5.1v? I remember the monox team mentioned that the upgrade process won't be straight forward as there will be some major changes in monox from development side so the upgrade process needs to be done in a specific way.

Thank you

we will publish guidelines very soon stay tuned.

By super
Thank you Kristijan, any ETA on the upgrade guide ?
I have the draft on review, so we will post the article during the next week.
By super
Hello khorvat, it is been a week. Just checking the status of the upgrade guide?
We are adding few more notes to it, we will publish the article soon stay tuned.