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Adding ASP.NET SimpleMembership to an existing MVC 4 application

05/07/2013 By Dalibor 17
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Even though there is an MVC 4 template that contains membership functionality, there are scenarios in which you will want to start from scratch. This article explains how to add SimpleMembership infrastructure to an existing project.


Using the BlogSpot API in ASP.NET

09/08/2012 By mzilic 0
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Blogger is a free tool which allows users to easily create their personal blogs that are hosted for free on article will teach you how to use the BlogSpot API to publish, edit and delete blogs.

Using Google Photos API in ASP.NET

08/17/2012 By kpeulic 10
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This is my first article in a series describing the Google Photos API in ASP.NET. I’ll explain how you can easily pull a list of the web photo albums from the popular Google Picasa service.

A simple validator for Rad ComboBox control

06/07/2012 By imarusic 0
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In this post I will describe how to implement a simple validator for Telerik RadComboBox control. It includes a few useful ASP.NET techniques for both client and server side validation.


Customizing templates for LLBLGen ANGTE

03/30/2012 By dbracun 0
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LLBLGen ANGTE (short for “ASP.Net GUI Templates Extended”) is a template set for GUI generation that can be used in your LLBLGen projects. Find out how to customize these templates to suit your needs.

MonoX architecture explained - the UI

11/12/2011 By khorvat 6
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MonoX includes a lot of functionality out-of-the box: blogs , discussion boards, other social networking and mobile content management features and many more. But when it comes to customization, where do you start and what can you customize? Let us dig into the MonoX architecture to find out more.

What's new in MonoX 4.5

08/29/2011 By denis 6
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A new version of MonoX is just about to be released, so we thought that this might be a right time to give you a taste of things to come. This release will include a set of mobile Web parts and pages, a new part catalog, redesigned drag and drop personalization infrastructure that is compatible with all browsers, and much more... 

ASP.NET meets jQuery Mobile

08/27/2011 By denis 0
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Whether it is a native application, a mobile-optimized Web site, or a hybrid solution, mobile development is taking place at a breathtaking speed. MonoX users were frequently asking about the best approach for delivering content and services to their audiences over the mobile devices. We are happy to announce that starting from the version 4.5, MonoX allows users to create Web sites optimized for such devices.

Multiple download in Telerik RadFileExplorer

07/26/2011 By Jasmin 10
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We use Telerik web controls a lot and one of the most powerful ones is their RadFileExplorer. Recently a client requested us to implement a multiple download functionality which is not included by default.

Integrating Twitter with an ASP.NET site

04/19/2011 By khorvat 7
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Twitter has become the most popular social networking service for writing and sharing short text messages. MonoX now allows you to easily include a list of selected tweets to your pages without using third party tools and utilities.
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