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Using WP7 ListPicker control to mimic dropdown functionality

09/24/2012 By ivan.cagalj 1
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In this article I’m going to show you how to use the ListPicker control. It can be used as an alternative to DropDown control which is missing in the standard set of WP7 controls.

Storing data in Windows Phone 7

06/29/2012 By ivan.cagalj 3
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Data persistance is one of the most important aspects of any application. In this post, we will describe several methods for saving the application data that are available in Windows Phone 7 framework.

Hello world from Android

05/18/2012 By imarusic 3
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Here is a really simple "Hello world" step-by-step tutorial which might help you start working with Mono for Android framework and MonoDevelop development environment. I will cover some of the basic stuff - new project creation, user interface development, and activities.

Data binding in Windows Phone 7 application

04/06/2012 By ivan.cagalj 1
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Data binding is used to connect the underlying data source with the user interface and enables data manipulation and navigation.In this article I am going to explain how to implement simple data binding in Windows Phone 7 application.

Customizing templates for LLBLGen ANGTE

03/30/2012 By dbracun 0
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LLBLGen ANGTE (short for “ASP.Net GUI Templates Extended”) is a template set for GUI generation that can be used in your LLBLGen projects. Find out how to customize these templates to suit your needs.

Hosting IronPython in WinForms

10/02/2011 By mzilic 0
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IronPython is an open source implementation of the Python programming language for the NET Framework. Learn how to embed it into your WinForms applications to allow a plug-in like functionality.