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Event Viewer.  (Mono Support )

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8/12/2011 11:17:09 AM
Thanks Guys for all the help.

All the code ended up being correct.

The problem was found by the Monox team.

The designer file was corrupted due to mis-coding on my part when i Inherited the wrong part.
The designer then was auto created and never auto-corrected.

The designer file needed to be deleted and regenerated.
Once the Monox team pointed that out.. everything started to work.

Ok guys...
Now I have a new problem..
I tried seting Auto Paging = True, and the default page size is 10.
The pager is showing . << ... >>> something like that.
I cant click anything and its only showing 10 events

Any idea why ?

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8/12/2011 2:42:51 PM
Hi Shawn,

There is a bug inside EventSimpleModule that prevents correct loading of pager template, we have fixed it in the upcoming MonoX version. There is a dirty workaround, you can override OnLoad and prevent calling of the base OnLoad. You would need to override OnLoad inside your SimpleViewEventExt module like this:

protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)
     // TODO: Uncomment this line when MonoX is upgraded

Once you upgrade MonoX you can completely remove OnLoad override.
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8/12/2011 5:18:35 PM

worked like a charm!
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