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Licensing & Others, by Newbie  (Mono Support )

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4/3/2016 3:10:04 AM

 1) The MonoX download appear to be source code already. Am I correct? If yes, then why is there a fee-license for source code?
2) The demo page contains proprietary images. Are we allowed by the licensed to modify the aspx pages with our organization names and retain the look-n-feel (e.g. icons/images) [at least for the duration of the development of a more customized web site]

 Thank you in advance.
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4/4/2016 12:07:46 PM

  1) public download provides you only with ASP.NET Markup files (HTML) not the actual CMS source code. You can purchase CNR License or source code separately.

2) Yes you are allowed to do this as long as you leave copyright notice, later on you can purchase CNR License to remove copyright if needed.

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