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List - Alternating Style ?  (Mono Support )

Viewed 25411 time(s), 3 post(s) 8/13/2011 4:38:08 PMby shawndg

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8/13/2011 4:38:55 PM
In the List parts..

Is there any css style tags or way to alt rows colors ?

Im trying to make the colors of each row alternate..

I edited the list template but its just one row.. ?
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8/13/2011 7:25:47 PM

  we have implemented alternating style functionality in new version of MonoX that we hope to release soon. As a workaround I'll try to provide you with one till Thursday.

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8/13/2011 9:22:01 PM
Hey Shawn,
Actually there is a quick solution that you can use right away. The "repeating" part of parts such as ListModule is actually a standard ASP.NET ListView. You can always access all of the underlying functionality using something like this:

<MonoX:ListModule runat="server" ID="list1" ListName="Test list">
            <asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="itemPlaceholder"></asp:PlaceHolder>
            This is my item template. <a href='<%# Eval("ItemUrl") %>'><%# Eval("ItemTitle") %></a><br /><%# Eval("ItemContent") %>
            This is my alternatingitem template. <a href='<%# Eval("ItemUrl") %>'><%# Eval("ItemTitle") %></a><br /><%# Eval("ItemContent") %>

You will probably want to delete the contents of your template file for this control, as it still works, although you are using the standard ASP.NET data binding syntax.

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