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Creating Dating Site  (Mono Support )

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9/28/2012 12:50:12 PM
I am new to Monox but I am a .net developer looking to create a dating website and came across this tasty looking bit of kit called Monox :o)

I've had a quick look but i'm on a tight timescale so I was wondering if anyone could tell me how easily I could create a dating site using monox and if anyone has any input on the pros and cons of using monox for a dating site that would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance!
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9/28/2012 6:32:42 PM
In my (very biased) opinion, MonoX is a very good match for a dating site. We cannot provide specific details due to the NDA terms, but in general, MonoX provides most of the functionality this type of site needs, including:
- authentication and security infrastructure
- integration with major social networks, including the ability for importing social graphs and interacting with external services
- general social networking infrastructure (user relationships and profiles), and support for rating, tagging and commenting
- forums
- groups
- messaging, ...

Note that some coding will certainly be required - you will not be able to put together a fully functional dating site only by combining the existing modules. However, MonoX will save you a trumendous amount of time that you would otherwise spend on basic tasks.
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