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How to change title of a webpart ?  (Mono Support )

Viewed 34335 time(s), 2 post(s) 1/22/2013 5:53:01 PMby super

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1/22/2013 5:53:01 PM
How to change title of any webpart that we place on any page using drag and drop ?

I have tried going to settings and tried changing Appearance -->Title: NEW MODIFIED TEXT HERE

but I still see old text msg not the new one that I save...
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1/23/2013 9:04:18 AM

I've just test it and ot works fine, changed title, clicked to apply, ok and it worked fine. The only thing I had to do is to set "ShowChromeForNonAdmins" property to true on web part zone because title was not visible for non admin users.

Please send us some screenshot and details if you still experience issue with titles.

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