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Like button and other issues  (Mono Support )

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12/9/2014 5:43:02 PM
I found in blog post that "Monox" has some features as "like" button in wall posts!
Where I can found it and activate it in wall posts?
another issue I need to upgrade the wall to view "images" nested "links" and "player" nested "youtube links" like Facebook
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12/10/2014 11:07:57 AM

MonoX has a rating system on the Wall notes, however you should be able to convert the rating system to like\dislike functionality easily. Ensure that the ShowRating property on the WallNotes is set to true.

another issue I need to upgrade the wall to view "images"
You could enable the file gallery on the upload control, if that's what you mean.

nested "links"
This is not implemented by default however you could easily implement one of the jQuery based WYSIWYG editors available out there on the web.

and "player" nested "youtube links"
We do have oEmbed support implemented in WallNotes see this blog post: Any custom logic would have to be implemented by yourself for your own project, however it is not difficult to modify the wall notes behavior.

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