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Feature Request: Display "About me" information along with the author image in Blog details page (i.e BlogPostView) ?   (MonoX Roadmap )

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9/12/2012 10:48:27 AM
Currently, blog post page like this (when we click on any blog) : only includes the image of an Author.

These days in many CMS website, there is always "About" author information along with profile picture on the blog post details page. It just helps in giving some overview of an author.

I know this is possible by little customization but my reason of posting this here is - Would be great if this option is added in Monox official release in admin section (a configurable option) so that every body can make use of this feature.

For more information, please see this
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9/12/2012 12:56:59 PM
There is an alternative way to do it, you just need to edit the templates in the App_Templates/Default/Blog folder and use some of the following placeholders: <# Author #> will display author's  username, <# AuthorFullName #> will display author's display name, <# AuthorLink #> will generate a link to the list of all author's blog posts, and <# AuthorProfile #> will generate the URL to his/her profile.
You can change the whole look and feel of each section in MonoX by modifying simple template HTML. There is no way we could achieve this via some admin panel in the back end, as there are virtually hundreds of cusom combinations.
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