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removing modules from a web page  (Mono Support )

Viewed 27383 time(s), 2 post(s) 8/4/2016 1:32:59 PMby ShaharLandoy


8/4/2016 1:33:10 PM
i have created a web-page and put some modules in it, one of them i have included twice by mistake.
i can minimize the extra module, but i need to delete it completely from the page.
but when i am logged in as an admin, i can't delete the second instance.
the problem is that there is a lot of javascript in this module, and it appears twice on the HTML and causes an error.
how can i completely remove one instance from the page?

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8/16/2016 11:25:30 AM
Hi Shahar,

sorry for the late reply.
In order to delete a module you will need to view the page in "Designer mode". This option is located in page settings/page modes. While in desginer mode a delete option will be available in the module option menu. Please let us know if you need any more info on this.

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