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MonoX Roadmap (Closed) (Mono Support )

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8/31/2012 10:54:42 AM
Note: we have opened a forum dedicated to feature requests and related discussions. You can visit it here: MonoX Roadmap Forum.

MonoX version 4.7

The 4.7 release is planned for October, 2012.This is a bug fix release, however, a number of new features will be included:
- new "social login" Web part that will not rely on outside services like Janrain
- "people you may know" social networking Web part
- "linkify" feature on wall and other simple HTML entry fields
- image crop feature
- multiple discussion boards per group
- HTML5 video player
- HTML5 video gallery
- new cache and session providers: AppFabric and CouchBase
- MP4 encoder
- calendar events search provider

MonoX version 5.0

The 5.0 version is planned for February, 2013.This is a major release. It will include:
- a complete chat subsystem
- new theme set, focusing on the HTML5 and responsive design
- support for advanced social integration scenarios: exchanging profile information with major services (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), exchanging posts and comments via third-party APIs, social graph construction and social profile "deduplication"
- complete redesign of the base infrastructure to support a greater degree of code customization via dependancy injection and similar techniques 

Note: we have received a large number of queries regarding the support for MVC framework in MonoX. We have been working on the MVC product that will enable users to construct advanced social networks and similar applications. However, this product will not be similar in size and scope to MonoX, and will not be compatible with its APIs or data store - it will not even have the same name.
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