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Can this be done   (Mono Support )

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7/12/2013 1:12:04 AM
I have spent the last day 2 days looking over this site and although I
have had a few errors like user verification email and stuff like that I
see this as an amazing tool for what I want.

My question is if I wanted to take this site and make it pay to join and
post but free to surf, is there a help file to do so.

In other words I would like to build something like a dating site but
with an ebay type of user interface being able to search and find users
but not able to upload pictures without joining
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7/12/2013 6:42:54 AM
Thanks for the compliments, yes this is possible we have many custom solutions with similar functionality so this is definitely doable. What you are asking is maybe a bit more complex than you anticipate, you have few challenges here

- customize permissions
- customize UI
- build a preferable payment processing functionality

that's why there is not "help file" that will explain it all, but there are few articles in our blog section that you should take a look before you start working on your custom solution. My advise is to start with NuGet packages that will help you start very quickly (MonoX Runtime, MonoX Demo Pages & MonoX Bootstrap) . Also there is a source code available in our GitHub section which you can download in order to have the demo page source code. This way you can directly change the functionality of various sections.

Please check the articles, try the NuGet packages and revert back to us if you need more help.

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