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Search shows US formatted times and orders results from older to newer  (Mono Support )

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6/23/2014 1:08:41 AM

I'd expect our search results page at to show times in the server's time format (the one I see when I use remote desktop to login to the server) and also to sort the results from newer to older, not vice-versa as it is done now, so that one doesn't have to use the pager to see the newer results (move to end of last page that is), but instead see them directly (at the first page's top)

saying that it would be nice to have as extra at results list a way (shown at the top-right of results list possibly) to sort ascending/descending by date

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6/23/2014 1:12:45 PM

Search result date format is generated by "ToShortDateString()" method. Search result items are sorted by desc date, but also depends on the search provider configuration.(Provider order in SearchResults.aspx).

We will consider custom sorting for the future Monox version.

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