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How to configure social media logins ?  (Mono Support )

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1/16/2013 1:11:01 AM
How to setup social media logins ?

I see note on login screen but nothing is in documentation about steps to configure this ?

NOTE: Social login module is here for the demonstration purposes only. IT WILL NOT WORK on your domain until you properly set the target applications on other social networks as described in the documentation.
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1/16/2013 3:52:04 PM
you should search this website first (see search at the top-right of this page), many of your questions have been asked before or are covered in blog posts by the MonoX team
</br>they used to have JanRain's RPX as default for social login (it is still available), but since that had restrictions for non-paid versions (of RPX), both with number of social login providers and skinning support, they have now added support for So you can see more info on how to use that one at some posts on this site and at the website of (need to make e.g. a Facebook app [very easy, no coding] from Facebook developer site after you first register as a Facebook developer)
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1/16/2013 4:02:07 PM
I found this post: HERE

But I still can't find steps ton configure social media logins ? Where I need to look into ? web.config ? or anywhere in admin side ?
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1/17/2013 8:35:38 AM

yes web.config holds the keys that you need to amend as per instructions on their site
      <add  WrapperName="FacebookWrapper" ConsumerKey="" ConsumerSecret="" AdditionalScopes="user_photos,read_stream,publish_stream"/>
      <add  WrapperName="GoogleWrapper" ConsumerKey="" ConsumerSecret=""  AdditionalScopes="" />
      <add  WrapperName="TwitterWrapper" ConsumerKey="" ConsumerSecret="" />
      <add  WrapperName="LinkedInWrapper" ConsumerKey="" ConsumerSecret="" AdditionalScopes="r_fullprofile,r_emailaddress" />
    <Allow Files="GetToken.aspx|Login.aspx"  />
    <IconFolder Path="/App_Themes/Default/Sn/" />
    <Authentication Enabled="false" LoginUrl="Login.aspx" DefaultUrl="Login.aspx"  />
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2/9/2017 12:38:44 PM

I've inserted my keys into the respective lines, but I keep getting an error. Unable to access log files to determine real issue.

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