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12/23/2016 11:23:05 PM
Hi, i`m using profile in my project with some custom fields. MonoX version is 5.1
All custom fields is appears in asp:Repeater section.
I want to place own controls and implement my own design for this controls. How to map my controls to profile custom fields?
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12/27/2016 12:05:21 PM

if I understood you correctly, you have added some additional fields to profile and want to be able to use them and map to specific controls? 
If that is the case, then you'll have to generate your DAL entities. We have exposed MonoX DAL source code to enable all users to easily extend it. Although you will have to obtain a license for the LLBLGen Pro Designer in order to generate a custom DAL, it will enable you to open a DAL project, add new entities for tables that you've created in the database and generate a new DAL in just a few clicks. After this process is finished, you will have the access to your newly created entities across the MonoX project.

MonoX DAL is upgraded to LLBLGen version 4.1. The latest package is available on GitHub.

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