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Pumping up reputation artificially  (Mono Support )

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2/15/2013 7:06:27 PM
I noticed on our older version (still trying to upgrade) of MonoX at that when you press the "mark as answer" in the forums multiple times the reputation of that person keeps growing. I think it's been fixed at newer versions to show unmark as answer instead or something, but wonder if one (say a moderator) can exploit this to pump up reputation by sending forged requests to mark as answer (bypassing the UI or editing the UI on the fly with web developer tools of browsers).

The backend should include extra sanity checks like say if there's a method called MarkAsAnswer(somePostId) to check first if already marked and do nothing (and not just expect the UI to work since the UI runs on the client and can be tweeked by end users).

This might be important in other places of the site security-wise too
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2/18/2013 2:06:53 PM
Hi George,

yes we have fixed the Mark as answer issue in one of the builds, now you have the unmark in place. As for the security issue you mentioned we do check this on server side so no moderators can pump up reputation.

Let me know if you are still concerned about this functionality.

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