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Blogs/Group/People Search GO button at Social dashboard should show all items if no criteria entered (Closed) (MonoX Roadmap )

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11/8/2012 10:32:53 AM
copying from:

at .../MonoX/Pages/SocialNetworking/Dashboard.aspx there are 3 columns:
- Blogs
- Groups
- People

each one has its own Search field

1) Pressing Go at each one does nothing if no Criteria is entered, whereas I'd expect to see a list with All Blogs, All Groups, All People respectively

2) Also, the titles Blogs, Groups, People should be clickable links to go to list of all blogs, of all groups, of all people respecively - now they're links that just go to the same page (url is ...../Dashboard.aspx# )
I know All Groups page is:
but what are the URLs for seeing list of All Blogs (their info, not all blog posts) and of All People respectively for me to fix those 3 links?

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11/27/2012 2:23:28 PM
Dashboard is completely redesigned now so I think that this is now obsolete. Sorry for a delay, if you have any further comments on new dashboard let us know by opening a new topic.

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