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Surname and name of poster and of logged-in user should be available to page and template designers  (MonoX Roadmap )

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2/13/2014 2:37:02 PM

Request for enhancement, following up discussion at:

the tag (<# AuthorDisplayName #> ) isn't available everywhere, as opposed to Author

 [ Templates / modules that don;t support it: 
</br> BlogList.ascx
</br> BlogPost.ascx
</br> BlogComments.htm
</br> RelatedContent.htm
</br> NewBlogCommentMail.htm
</br> NewBoardMail.htm
</br> NewTopicMail.htm
</br> NewCommentMail.htm ]
</br> Also in the same spirit, expect apart from <# UserName #> tag to have a <# UserDisplayName #> alternative


Displaying user name-surname instead of a username is essential when one builds for example an educational community like the one in Teachers can't remember who is who by the username of each member in the groups they moderate.Having to write code to do such a basic task means a steeper learning curve for MonoX, plus that one has to touch more parts of it. Currently we have managed to not use custom code at all and would prefer to keep it that way.

As I said, the inconsistency is that the info is available only at some templates/modules (when you are showing a list of items) and to others it's not available, for no apparent reason to explain this difference.

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2/13/2014 2:37:59 PM
(btw, copy-pasting from one published post at this forum to the text editor in IE11/Win7 pastes these ugly </br> tags
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