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text, video chat availability  (Mono Support )

Viewed 8835 time(s), 2 post(s) 2/9/2015 2:28:59 PMby umit


2/9/2015 2:29:00 PM
I have installed Monox 5.1. I haven't seen a chat Module.
We consider buying the Monox Code.
I want to learn if text and video chat are available in Monox 5.1 after we buy the code.
If chat module is available, what are the capabilties of chat module ?
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2/9/2015 3:54:53 PM
as an owner of the source code license, you will get the text chat module for free. At this point, it requires a couple of hours worth of work on integration with custom projects, and we will provide you with instructions. 
Chat module looks and works similar to the Facebook instant messenger - it allows you to pick a user from the list of your friends/contacts and send him a message in real time. The other side gets the instant notification each time a message is entered.
I will send more details via e-mail.
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