Mono Support Problem Installing Mono_X_4_0_2650_40 on remmote server 

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5/19/2011 2:25:37 AM
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I tried like 7 times to install Mono_X_4_0_2650_40 on Arvixe Windows server and every time it came back to the installer first page after creating the database. Any idea what's causing this?

5/19/2011 6:44:32 AM
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in many cases this is related to web.config write permissions. So wizard has probably finished successfully but at the end he can't write to the web.config. If he doesn't save settings to web.config wizard can't know if installation is finished (Wizard writes settings like connection string etc. to the web.config). Try to set write permissions on web.config or if you can see the tables in the database then you can just change the connection string in the web.config and set the InstallationDone to true.

Please try the above and get back to us.


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