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11/28/2012 5:46:00 PM
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currently when one replies to forum topic a mail notification is sent, bur is also sent again if they do some even minor edit later on to the reply

can the admin turn notificatiin for forum post edits (mot replies) off?

ideally user should be able to set notifications at their profile settings, where at first it should show admin's defaults

btw notifications for forum replies now show reply text on mail subject instead of Re: topic title - board name that I'd expect. Would be nice if could change that via a localizable template

11/28/2012 10:00:51 PM
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Hi, we are aware of this and we will make some adjustments to get better usability. I'll update this post as soon as we push something related to this in nightly builds.

12/4/2012 11:40:30 AM
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we have added EnableNotificationsOnEdit option to discussion board which is enabled by default and we have also added a NotificationsOnEditDelay option (which defaults to 12 hours) that is used not to "SPAM" subscribers if member is editing a post, saving a draft ...

P.S. we have modified the discussion post title, so now we only need to upgrade corporate site ;)


12/20/2012 7:55:08 AM
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it would be nice if notifications also supported HTML apart from text format and were formatted like below (note the italics, the bold+italics and the bold sections - also note that the "Please, do not reply..." is placed after "A new reply" as a more logical order [unless you think users won't read the 2nd phrase at all and try to reply via the mailer])
</br>A new reply has been posted to a topic that you are subscribed on.
</br>Please, do not reply to this e-mail.
</br>Click here to post a reply or unsubscribe from this topic.

</br>11/9/2012 2:50 PM

</br>thought you were saying "content" of e-mail (the e-mail
</br>body) - can you
</br>copy-paste here what e-mail subject it sents you?

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