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MonoX Web Platform Installer Feed

04/05/2011Categories: MonoX
Many of our first-time visitors first heard of MonoX on Microsoft Windows Web App Gallery. Most of them are using the Web Platform Installer tool becuse of its simplicity and the ease of use. However, there is one downside: people at Microsoft's team are very busy checking all of the submitted applications, and there is a considerable delay between our official release date and the publication date on App Gallery.

The Web Platform Installer 3.0 solves this problem by adding a cool new feature that allows you to configure the application feed URLs. This feed will not only keep you updated with the latest official MonoX releases - it will also keep you up to date with all beta releases and patches.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of WebPI. After you start it, locate the MonoX package (using the search box or directly on the Applications tab):

There is a small "Options" link towards the bottom of this screen. Click on it, enter under "Display additional scenarios", and click on the Add feed button.

That's it! There is an additional MonoX tab at the top of the screen that gives you a direct access to all current releases of MonoX.

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opening to the feed URL from IE it seems it doesn't contain the latest MonoX version (same as WebPI does)
We are currently waiting for the major version to come out in order to provide the latest feed.
any plans when it is coming? I'm stuck to an issue with SQLServer 2012 at installation (posted today at support forums), seems monoX is trying to use a stored procedure deprecated by Microsoft (missing).

I want to use MomoX for ClipFlair (, looks like a perfect fit
This thread contains pretty much all the information you will need about the latest release of MonoX. From the release date to the planned features.

@George: publishing applications to Microsoft Gallery is sometimes quite difficult, as the approval process for each new version is quite lenghty, and they are coming up with the new requirements rather often. Therefore, we recommend that you use the version that you can download from this site, even is sometimes goes wrong it will be easier to fix.
As for the missing stored procedure, I assume you are referring to the new Universal providers that indeed do not use the stored procedures. What error are you getting?
the thread regarding the installer issue with SQL Server 2012 (Express) is:

2012-06-01 19:03:11Z: Installation starting ...
2012-06-01 19:03:11Z: Creating database ...
2012-06-01 19:03:21Z: Database created.
2012-06-01 19:03:21Z: Importing data ...
2012-06-01 19:03:21Z: Importing "aspnet_Applications" ...
2012-06-01 19:03:21Z: Could not find stored procedure 'sp_dboption'.

according to sp_dboption has been removed (had been deprecated in the past, but even SharePoint devs got bit by it and had to fix it at SP1) and ALTER DATABASE should be used in its place. Some more comments regarding it are at the mono support thread above, waiting for a reply from support on that one since I can't proceed
I am having the same issue when I am trying to install this using SQL Server 2012 Express. It fails because it cannot find the sp_dboption stored procedure.
Hello Anthony Nguyen,

Please see the following forum topic post for a workaround:

Thank you so much Mario...It worked. Going to start playing with it now to see what it can do for me.

Thanks again,

By Raha
Hi there
Where can I find some documetation about how to work on mono-x ??
for example :
How to change the theme of mono-x
or how to create a new post & page or nav menu in mono-x ?
help me if you know any tutorial documentation about how to work on mono-x ?
Regards :
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