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MonoX 4.7 is out!

11/23/2012Categories: MonoX
We have just published the longly awaited upgrade to our content management and social networking application framework. Officially, this is a minor upgrade, but still includes a lot of new stuff and bug fixes. So, without further ado, here is a list of the most important additions and fixes that are included in MonoX 4.7:

New features:

  • Introduced "social login" functionality based on the library. Removed Janrain's service as a defautl provider of social login functionality
  • Added page/part source code editor verb to support interactive editing of all front-end components
  • Changed the default theme/skin in preparation for simpler skinning procedure
  • Support for responsive designs (note: still working on the responsive features in the default theme)
  • Support for avatar image cropping
  • Added "people you may know" functionality
  • Changed the functionality of the "social dashboard" demo page to be in line with major social networks
  • Introduced major changes to the user profile parts/pages
  • Intoduced new "InMail" messaging center
  • Added HTML5 navigation menu part
  • Added provider filters to the main search box
  • Introduced "linkify" functionality
  • Introduced HTML5 video player
  • Added support for multiple boards per group
  • Added new cache and session provider
  • Added MP4 encoder
  • Added calendar events search provider
  • Extended SilverlightUploadModule with MaxFileCount, MaxFileSize and MaxUploadSize properties
  • Extended logging via Log4Net
  • Exposed / Extended API for CaptchaModule and PasswordRecovery module
  • Extended MembershipEditor so developers can modify the e-mail templates sent to new users
  • Changed calendar events to support many-to-many relation with calendar
  • Introduced support for meta viewport setting in web.config, essential for responsive designs
  • Numerous additions and improvements for the file gallery and album modules
  • Full support for HTML5, including the main HTML tag on a page
  • Extended events part
  • New Google maps part

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bugs related to verbs visibility with roles which are partial editors
  • Fixed HTML editor bug with saving changes made to multiple editors on a same page
  • Fixed MailSender issue with plain text content and HTML content when mail is sent to the Google mail service
  • Fixed Discussion search provider security issue related to private groups
  • Fixed WallNote notification bug
  • Fixed DB resource provider - upgrade to .NET 4.0
  • Fixed Amazon provider to work with spaces and special characters in filenames
  • Various WAO-related corrections
  • Fixed discussion board user reputation issues
  • Resolved search providers performance issues

As always, we are listening to your feedback and are slowly progressing towards the next major upgrade. Please do not hesitate to post your feature requests and bug reports to our support forums.
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