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The Geek Gathering

10/17/2013Categories: Other
Apart from working on a couple of new and exciting products - more on this will be published over the course of the next few weeks - our team was also very involved in a local developer's community. The association of local software companies and independent contractors - known as Osijek Software City - now includes several hundred developers with different backgrounds and is growing stronger every month. Our goal is to put Osijek on a global IT industry map, and our members cover a large spectrum of different technologies, from Magento and LAMP stack, to Java and .NET.

One of the key events we organized this year is The Geek Gathering - a three-day developers conference that included topics ranging from javascript techniques and frameworks to design, UX, noSQL, Big Data, Web application security, cloud computing and mobile development. The speakers included guys and girls from Fedora, 4D, Neo Technology, Microsoft, Five Minutes and other established companies. We had guests coming from USA, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia - a truly international event. According to the feedback we received after the conference, it was a big success, and we plan to launch a bigger and better event next year. That's why we need your help: please send us your suggestions for interesting, cutting-edge topics that you would like to have covered next year. It appears that the audience wants very advanced and very focused lectures and workshops - we know that our community is full of experts in such topics.

Shoot us an e-mail or post a comment to this post or on our forum - we are listening. See you next year!
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