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MonoX 4.9 & 5.0 Beta 1 is out!

02/03/2014Categories: MonoX, ASP.NET

For the last couple of months, we have been working hard on MonoX v. 4.9 to get the benefits of the new UI to our users. The new front-end is based on the SaSS theme that will be the default theme from now on. We have also redesigned the installation and administration interface. The end result: MonoX now follows the responsive design approach in all its sections (installation, front end, administration back end). We have also pushed MonoX 5.0 Beta 1 out for community preview. V. 5.x introduces many API changes required to implement dependency injection container (Ninject) and IoC architecture.


Useful links:

NuGet Packages

Windows Web App Gallery

MonoSoftware @ GitHub

MonoX Nightly Builds

Microsoft Web Platform Installer Custom Feed (How to use a Custom Feed)


Other changes, features and bug fixes are listed below:


  • Redesigned front-end, administration & installation UI
  • Data Access Layer NuGet package is introduced
  • Updated NuGet packages
  • Telerik library has been upgraded
  • A couple of other dependencies have been upgraded
  • New SaSS based theme (SaSS, Foundation) + NuGet package.
  • Dropped support for IE6

New Features

  • Introduced Dependency Injection / IoC based on Ninject DI Container
  • BLL (Business Logic Layer) is now completely implemented
  • Introduced new validation control site-wide (new functionality & styling)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed .NET 4.5 compatibility issues
  • Fixed multi-application functionality inside a few WebParts

v5.0 Beta 1

  • v5.x is available from our Nightly Build page
  • Most of the layers, WebParts and cross-cutting components are now using DI (dependency injection)
  • BLL (Business Logic Layer) is now completely implemented
  • API changes required by the dependency injection implementation (Ninject - Open source dependency injector for .NET)
  • Merged changes/features/bug fixes from v4.9

Enjoy new MonoX release and feel free to send your feedback to our Roadmap forum.

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