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Support for ASP.NET 4.0 in MonoX

The newest version of MonoX (3.2.1766.35 and above) fully supports .NET framework 4.0. 

MonoX has a preconfigured web.config for .NET 4.0 that needs to be used when you are installing MonoX on the .NET 4.0 platform. It is recommended to use this web.config before you start the MonoX installation. Note that you need to give the worker process account a write permission on the web.config to automatically setup the web application, otherwise you need to do it manually.

If you are upgrading an existing MonoX based Web application please sync the web.config files, copy the .NET 4.0 enabled web.config to the application root and then change the '<add key="InstallationDone" value="false"/>' to '<add key="InstallationDone" value="true"/>'.

The web.config file can be obtained from the following location in the installation package: "MonoX/Samples/Solution/web4.0.config".
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Great product guys!
A couple of quick questions:
1) This post mentions version 3.2.1766.35, where do I get that from?
The current one I have is v3.2.1754.35 and when I try to download I still get the same one, not the latest.
2) Once I have the latest version, how do I upgrade?

Hi Fadi,

1. Most likely the problem is in your browser's cache, so try to clear the cache and download the new version (We are working on new company web site which will have this problem sorted out).
2. As you have small difference between the version you just need to delete the "bin", "App_Themes", "App_Themplates" and "MonoX" folder from older version and copy the same folders from new version.

By yousaid
There are many issues with this.
1) No option to use integrated security during installation. Most developers develop on machines they already have admin rights to and the option to use integrated security should be provided during installation.
2) Installation fails.
3) Too many items to set during installation.
Move these items to a page in admin section, for post installation configuration.
4) Provide two packages, one for 3.5 and one for 4.0 Frameworks. Packaging is very confusing.
5) Provide a Step by Step installation steps.

I have tested the downloaded application on both VS 2008 and VS 2010 using both manual install and web platform installer and it fails on both.

Hi yousaid,

1. Integrated security can be used if Windows Authentication is chosen on the 3rd installation screen. If this option is chosen then "Trusted Connection = Yes" is used in web.config connection string (this authentication type is built-in since the first version of MonoX so you should have it)
2. If installation fails please use the support forum and provide us with more detail so we could solve your problem
3. "Too many items to set during installation" - if you were referring to the "Advance Settings" you do not need to set them during the installation, you can skip them the CMS is already preconfigured for most common use. And you can always go to the Portal administration and set all of these settings there
4. Yes, you may have a point there, we will take this under the consideration
5. Step by Step installation tutorial can be found inside the MonoX user manual which you can download here:

To implement custom solution you need to follow the few small steps described in the forum post:

Also note that we will soon publish a blog post that will describe the whole custom solution procedure and a custom solution with built-in examples will be available for download.

I hope this will help you,
By Steve
This is what I've been waiting :) As far as for some of the comments, I guess you can never satisfy everyone. "Too many items to set during installation"?!? You just have to unzip the package, pick the database and the authentication method and that's about it. I don't know how could this qualify as too much.
Separating 3.5 and 4.0 installations may be a good idea, but as far as I can tell the difference is only in the web.config, and as lazy as I am, it is not SO difficult to copy this file from the sample directory when I need it...