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MonoX 4 is out!

01/20/2011Categories: MonoX
We have just published the newest release of our ASP.NET CMS and social networking framework. You can download it from the usual location: 
Note that it will take a few days for this version to appear in the Microsoft Web Gallery, so in the meantime please use the version available on our site.

This is a major upgrade, and most of the new features are focused on two areas: social networking and personalization. This version includes a brand new discussion system, and besides changed look and feel, it can now support complex usage scenarios and features like voting, closing, moderation, reputation, reporting, syntax highlighting and mail alerting. If you are looking for a right tool to build support systems similar to Stackoverflow, MonoX can now be your best bet. Here it is in action:

Comments, ratings, tags and "related content" Web parts can now be attached to arbitrary custom controls. They support both programmatic control and Web part connection scenarios. This required many changes in data layer, but we can now offer much more flexibility in building various interactive social networking applications.

Additionally, personalization system was redesigned to support non-admin scenarios (users able to edit a single part or page, or just a few of them). Many of our users prefer to use MonoX in "non-developer" mode, without Visual Studio, and modify it interactively via administrative toolbar. The support for such scenarios is now greatly improved.

You can find other new additions and list of bug fixes here: MonoX changelog.
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