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How to add a MonoX page

05/11/2011Categories: MonoX
This tutorial is intended for portal administrators. It describes how to dynamically add a page using the page management administration which is used for managing page properties and navigational structure in the MonoX portal.

First step is to log in with administrator privileges. Click on Go to the portal administration area as shown in the image below.

By clicking on Pages option in the header menu you will get the page management administration page. It consists of two panes.
Right mouse click in the right pane will initiate a context menu as shown below. Click on New Page.

New Page option is used to create a new portal page based on an existing page template. You can also specify page output cache settings in the Cache tab. Fill in the required fields. You can also set the view and edit roles for your new page.  By setting the view role to "Administrators", your page will be visible only to the users in this role. Also, when you set the edit role, only users with that particular role will be able to edit the page content and settings. After setting the page properties click on the Save button and navigate to your newly created page which can be found at "yourmonoxsite/monox/pages/mymonoxpage.aspx".

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By mykola
Hello, I have this message when attempting to create new page.
"An error has occurred while trying to create new page. Please double-check all fields and try again."
Can You help me? Thank.
It is probably the permission issue. Can you check if the user account under which your ASP.NET service runs has write privileges on the folder where your new page will be created? There should also be an error message in your log files (/MonoX/ApplicationData/Logs/). You can contact us directly at the support board on this site for more info.
By Bab
Hi! When I click on pages, nothing appears. What do I do?
Hi Bab,

can you please check your database, Page table if it contains some records. Can you also please open a topic on our support forum?