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Data access layer in MonoX

04/06/2010Categories: MonoX
We received a lots of comments and questions regarding the data access layer in MonoX. Many of our new users never heard about LLBLGen Pro - an Object Relational Mapping tool of our choice, and they consider it as too exotic.

MonoX lets you choose the DAL generation tool that will be used in your portal projects. We used various ORMs in our projects (NHibernate, Subsonic, ...) but LLBLGen remains our favorite due to the richness of its features and the very high level of the support provided by its authors. Of course, we don't want to avoid LINQ - MonoX was concieved when LINQ was in the alpha stage, but we quickly started to adopt it. Essentially, LLBLGen still offers a richer set of features, but if you are in doubt, guys from Solutions Design recently developed Linq to LLBLGen - now you can use both technologies interchangeably.
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