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Web site upgrade

02/16/2011Categories: MonoX
We've been working hard on our Web site upgrade and redesign for the last couple of weeks. The old site was developed almost three years ago and it has served us well. However, as new Mono Software products and services were introduced over the three last years, it became obvious that more than a cosmetic changes are needed to support our growing user base.

We wanted to focus on our flagship products (MonoX, eCTD Office, WAO), as well as custom software development and outsourcing services that we provide. Additionally, something had to be done with the support section, as we recently introduced priority support services. We were using third party products in key sections of the old portal - BlogEngine.NET as a blogging platform and YAF for support forums. Although both products integrate nicely with MonoX, we needed some advanced functionality that was not available out of the box. The introduction of a complete social networking module set to the new version of MonoX made our job much easier. We already received a lot of positive feedback, especially regarding the look and functionality of the support section and licensing/download manager.

Customers that are entitled to priority support services get their own personalized and private support board, and all license generator and download tasks are now grouped on the single page.

We hope that you like the new design and functionality as much as we do. Please send your comments and suggestions.
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By Pete H.
Great job with the new site. I plan to use your platform for my next project, and I'm very excited about it.