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Delegates in action, part 2: ASP.NET password encryption

06/10/2013 By imarusic 0
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Here is a real-world example of a task that is beyond the scope of standard SQL scripts. We will change the ASP.NET membership password format in MonoX and take care of the existing entries.

Azure Mobile Services tips and tricks

05/27/2013 By Dalibor 0
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Recently I've used Windows Azure as a back-end for a Windows Phone app. Here are some of the experiences that I'd like to share.


Adding ASP.NET SimpleMembership to an existing MVC 4 application

05/07/2013 By Dalibor 17
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Even though there is an MVC 4 template that contains membership functionality, there are scenarios in which you will want to start from scratch. This article explains how to add SimpleMembership infrastructure to an existing project.


How to prevent data loss during delete/update in SQL Server

04/22/2013 By Goran 0
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Making database backups prior to update/delete operations is the only way that ensures painless recovery of mistakenly deleted data. Here are a few tips that could save some time and money in the process.

Using Sass, Foundation and Compass with Mindscape Web Workbench

03/22/2013 By Andrej 0
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This blog post is the first in a series of posts dealing with topics related to skinning and theming MonoX. The new MonoX theme is built with SassCompass and Zurb Foundation. Minscape Web Workbench is optional, we use it for to make it easier for back-end developers to use Sass and Compass in their familiar Visual Studio environment.


Custom fonts using Cufón on Windows Phone

03/10/2013 By ivanb 0
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Every major browser platform supports @font-face syntax, except Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 7.5. This problem can be resolved using Cufon, a javascript text-image replacement solution.


SQL Tips & Tricks: changing column values in multiple tables

03/08/2013 By imarusic 0
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Learn how to write a simple SQL script that modifies all fields with a specified name and type from all tables in a database. 


How To Upgrade Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 7.8

02/22/2013 By kpeulic 43
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In this article I'll give you a simple solution to upgrade your Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 7.8 OS. This method was successfully tried and tested with my Nokia Lumia 900, but it should work for all others Windows Phones.

Delegates in action

02/17/2013 By imarusic 0
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This blog covers one of the alternative solutions for dealing with tasks that require fetching and manipulating large amounts of data from the database. Of course, you can always rely on standard SQL scripts, but I feel that this approach allows for more flexibility.


ASP.NET WebAPI, APNS and Android working together

02/01/2013 By mario 0
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This post describes the application I recently created to send the location of an Android device to Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). We will use a nice mix of technologies, including ASP.NET WebAPI and Xamarin's Mono for Android.
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