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MonoX nightly builds

10/22/2012 By khorvat 2
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Starting this week, we will start publishing MonoX nightly build packages at the following address. The deployment process is scheduled for Wednesday and Friday each week, and will include the latest bug fixes and new features. 

Running MonoX on Azure

10/09/2012 By denis 9
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Microsoft introduced several exciting new features to Azure just a few months ago, making it easy to deploy your MonoX-based solutions to the cloud. This article explains how to do it in a few simple steps.

OpenGL ES 1.1 for Android

10/08/2012 By TProdanovic 1
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This is an introduction to Open GL for embedded systems. It explains how to draw 3D objects using OpenGL for Android. The working knowledge of analytic geometry is required in order to understand basic OpenGL operations (translation, rotation, scaling etc.).

Creating transparent rounded buttons in MonoTouch

09/27/2012 By mario 0
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Learn how to create custom UIButton views with MonoTouch, featuring custom drawn graphics, transparent backgrounds and dynamic appearance based on the custom application logic.

iOS Augmented Reality with some trigonometry

09/26/2012 By mario 9
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There are several concepts that a developer must grasp when preparing to write an Augmented Reality app: OpenGL, translations, rotations, scaling etc. In this post, I am describing some basic concepts from analytic geometry that are often used in AR application development.

Using WP7 ListPicker control to mimic dropdown functionality

09/24/2012 By ivan.cagalj 1
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In this article I’m going to show you how to use the ListPicker control. It can be used as an alternative to DropDown control which is missing in the standard set of WP7 controls.

Using the BlogSpot API in ASP.NET

09/08/2012 By mzilic 0
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Blogger is a free tool which allows users to easily create their personal blogs that are hosted for free on article will teach you how to use the BlogSpot API to publish, edit and delete blogs.

Collecting sensor data with MonoTouch

09/07/2012 By mario 0
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This is a second article in a series explaining how to build Augmented Reality applications with MonoTouch. My first article covered the basics - now it's time to move on and learn more about sensor integration.

Building an augmented reality app for iPhone with MonoTouch

08/28/2012 By mario 1
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A few months ago we started developing a rather advanced augmented reality application for iOS, thinking that it would be a good idea to share our newly acquired knowledge with the rest of our community in a series of blog posts.

TicTacToe 3D game in WebGL - Part I

08/20/2012 By Dalibor 3
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Playing games is fun. How about creating them, just to take a break from developing all those complex business apps? Get started with this example and create a fully featured, 3D, browser-based TicTacToe game!
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