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Using Google Photos API in ASP.NET

08/17/2012 By kpeulic 10
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This is my first article in a series describing the Google Photos API in ASP.NET. I’ll explain how you can easily pull a list of the web photo albums from the popular Google Picasa service.

Custom colors for chart report items in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

07/17/2012 By Goran 1
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If you are reading this post, you probably came here searching for a solution that will always assign the same color to an item in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008, based on your custom parameters. I will show you how to custom-color the items in a way that each item is shown in the same color, each time report is being run.

Turning plain text URLs into clickable links

07/03/2012 By mzilic 0
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Sometimes you will want to utilize the simplicity and "lightweightness" of the plain old ASP.NET textbox while  while keeping a bit of interactivity and user friendliness. This article demonstrates techniques for "linkifying" texts on just about any Web form out there.

Storing data in Windows Phone 7

06/29/2012 By ivan.cagalj 3
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Data persistance is one of the most important aspects of any application. In this post, we will describe several methods for saving the application data that are available in Windows Phone 7 framework.

A simple validator for Rad ComboBox control

06/07/2012 By imarusic 0
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In this post I will describe how to implement a simple validator for Telerik RadComboBox control. It includes a few useful ASP.NET techniques for both client and server side validation.


Using Twitter APIs from MonoX and ASP.NET

05/19/2012 By mzilic 2
Rated 3.78, 9 vote(s). 
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Twiter is, without a doubt, the most popular microblogging service -"the SMS of the Internet". In this article we're going to teach you how to use its APIs using Twitterizer, a popular .NET library designed for quick and easy Twitter integration.

Hello world from Android

05/18/2012 By imarusic 3
Rated 2.11, 9 vote(s). 
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Here is a really simple "Hello world" step-by-step tutorial which might help you start working with Mono for Android framework and MonoDevelop development environment. I will cover some of the basic stuff - new project creation, user interface development, and activities.

Thread synchronization in .NET

05/10/2012 By pajo 0
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This is a short intorduction to thread synchronization in .NET. It covers some basic techniques that you may be already familiar with, but also explains how to deal with scenarios when you need to cross process boundaries. We also visit some of the issues that may arise with synchronization.

Using XML data in Windows Phone apps

05/04/2012 By Dalibor 3
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Mobile applications are rarely totally self-contained - they often need to use data from various online sources. This article describes how to pull XML content from a RSS feed, and show it in a ListBox container. This is nothing new, so we’ll try to spice it up a bit by adding a simple loading screen that is shown to the user while our XML data is being downloaded and parsed.

Finding the public key token of a .Net assembly

05/03/2012 By idrazic 0
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I was in a situation where I needed to find the public key token of a file I had. A simple enough task you might say, but is it? Find out how to programatically extract the token without using the .NET framework SDK.
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