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Using Windows Live Writer with MonoX

05/02/2012 By kpeulic 0
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Microsoft Windows Live Writer is a free desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using numerous blog services. It features true offline WYSIWYG blog authoring and photo/map publishing. 

Calculating minutes between two points in SQL

04/30/2012 By Goran 0
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In today's article, I'll post a very interesting function. It calculates the number of minutes between two points in time. Did I hear you say "Lame, I can use DATEDIFF function for that!!!"? Well, what my little function does, other than calculating minutes between two points in time, is that it works for a given "time window" and DATEDIFF in it's default form is not enough for that.

Skype integration with Trillian and Pidgin

04/19/2012 By Jasmin
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Due to a growing need to organize and group different IM accounts for many of my bussiness contacts all over the world, I considered using universal IM clients starting with Trillian and later moving on to Pidgin. I'm sharing here some of my experience with these tools and their Skype integration.

Creating domain models using Enterprise Architect

04/07/2012 By mario 0
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Every real-world project needs to be properly documented, and UML (Unified Modeling Language) provides nice means for generating documentation. Find out how to use Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and related tools to easily generate project documentation.

Data binding in Windows Phone 7 application

04/06/2012 By ivan.cagalj 1
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Data binding is used to connect the underlying data source with the user interface and enables data manipulation and navigation.In this article I am going to explain how to implement simple data binding in Windows Phone 7 application.

C# anonymous methods in action

04/02/2012 By pajo 1
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Anonymous methods / lambdas are a quite recent addition to the feature set of C#. For those of you working with dynamic languages like JavaScript, using anonymous functions will feel very natural. See how to use anonymous methods to solve some common problems in a more elegant way.

Different ways of importing data into SQL Server

03/31/2012 By idrazic 1
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Data import is one of those tasks that are performed on a daily basis. This post describes three different approaches for importing data into the SQL Server database.

Customizing templates for LLBLGen ANGTE

03/30/2012 By dbracun 0
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LLBLGen ANGTE (short for “ASP.Net GUI Templates Extended”) is a template set for GUI generation that can be used in your LLBLGen projects. Find out how to customize these templates to suit your needs.

Facebook widgets - like button in MonoX

03/30/2012 By imarusic 2
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Take a look at how to implement a simple user control that wraps the Facebook Like button and allows you to change it's properties and set it the way you want.

MonoX news category management

03/27/2012 By kpeulic 0
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News category administration allows users to create and maintain a hierarchy of news categories in MonoX. Before you add your first news article you should add at least one news category. Check this post to see how to do it...
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