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What's new in MonoX 4.5

08/29/2011 By denis 6
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A new version of MonoX is just about to be released, so we thought that this might be a right time to give you a taste of things to come. This release will include a set of mobile Web parts and pages, a new part catalog, redesigned drag and drop personalization infrastructure that is compatible with all browsers, and much more... 

ASP.NET meets jQuery Mobile

08/27/2011 By denis 0
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Whether it is a native application, a mobile-optimized Web site, or a hybrid solution, mobile development is taking place at a breathtaking speed. MonoX users were frequently asking about the best approach for delivering content and services to their audiences over the mobile devices. We are happy to announce that starting from the version 4.5, MonoX allows users to create Web sites optimized for such devices.

Hello World tutorial for Windows Phone 7

08/22/2011 By ivan.cagalj 2
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Windows Phone 7 is a successor of Microsoft’s old mobile OS called Windows Mobile. It features a new user interface based on Microsoft's Windows Phone design system Metro. There's no better way to start exploring this new platform than good old "HelloWorld" tutorial...

.NET Binary serialization - the pitfalls

08/10/2011 By khorvat 0
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Serialization is the process of converting an object into a form that can be persisted in a storage medium or transported across a communication layer. In the .NET world the you will often use the powerful binary serializer, but it comes with its pitfalls if not used properly. Let's take a look how to overcome some of the issues with binary serialization.

Troubleshooting IntelliSense

08/09/2011 By denis 0
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Over the years, almost all members of our development team have experienced some kind of problems with IntelliSense in Visual Studio. This feature is a great help while it works; however, once it stops working it can be a nightmare to figure out what exactly went wrong. Here are a few tips that can save you a few hours of troubleshooting.

T4 templates in Entity Framework 4

08/04/2011 By mario 0
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T4 templates have been available since Visual Studio 2005, but in VS 2010 templates are much easier to create and use. Thiss introduction to T4 template syntax and tools will teach you how to implement the Repository and UnitOfWork patterns for EF4 DbContext.

Multiple download in Telerik RadFileExplorer

07/26/2011 By Jasmin 10
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We use Telerik web controls a lot and one of the most powerful ones is their RadFileExplorer. Recently a client requested us to implement a multiple download functionality which is not included by default.

Building an OpenVZ template for TurnKey Linux appliance and using it in ProxMox

07/21/2011 By Jasmin 4
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We started using the ProxMox Virtual Environment for various Linux and Windows systems in our company and wanted to virtualize our Redmine TurnKey Linux appliance. We could have done it via KVM, but wanted to explore the option of using another virtualization method in ProxMox - OpenVZ container virtualization, which should have a better performance and utilization of machine resources.

Virtualization solutions for Linux and Windows

07/14/2011 By Jasmin 0
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Mono is not all about MonoX, eCTD and ASP.NET development. This article is the first one in a series describing the other topics we are dealing with on a daily basis. Due to various virtualization needs in our company we have initially started using the Microsoft Hyper-V. However, all the Linux solutions were are using and designing made us look the other way, just in time to find a hidden gem in the virtualization land.

MonoX and Web Platform Installer

07/07/2011 By mzilic 0
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Microsoft's Web Platform Installer allows you to install MonoX directly from Web Application Gallery, or using our custom installer feed. This article explains how to choose the right approach for your installation scenarios.
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