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Using Twitter APIs from MonoX and ASP.NET

05/19/2012 By mzilic 2
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Twiter is, without a doubt, the most popular microblogging service -"the SMS of the Internet". In this article we're going to teach you how to use its APIs using Twitterizer, a popular .NET library designed for quick and easy Twitter integration.

Using Windows Live Writer with MonoX

05/02/2012 By kpeulic 0
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Microsoft Windows Live Writer is a free desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using numerous blog services. It features true offline WYSIWYG blog authoring and photo/map publishing. 

Facebook widgets - like button in MonoX

03/30/2012 By imarusic 2
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Take a look at how to implement a simple user control that wraps the Facebook Like button and allows you to change it's properties and set it the way you want.

MonoX news category management

03/27/2012 By kpeulic 0
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News category administration allows users to create and maintain a hierarchy of news categories in MonoX. Before you add your first news article you should add at least one news category. Check this post to see how to do it...

Using LinkedIn API from ASP.NET and MonoX

03/05/2012 By mzilic 23
Rated 3.56, 18 vote(s). 
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LinkedIn is a professional networking site, with over 150 million users. If you're planning to use some of its social features in your projects, you will need to now how to use its APIs. This article will teach you how to integrate  MonoX with LinkedIn.

High hopes for Visual Studio 2012

03/04/2012 By khorvat 0
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It’s a well known story: Friday afternoon, I’m trying to catch a deadline and my VS 2010 starts to mishbehave. So I started wondering if things will work better in Visual Studio 2012. Let’s take a look at the problems we had and how VS 2012 addresses them.

New MonoX project: Jobsboard/Poslomat

02/20/2012 By denis 0
Rated 4.11, 9 vote(s). 
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We've been building several exciting services on top of MonoX during the last couple of months. This time we'll present one of the newest additions to our projects gallery. It is a social recruitment service (or in its Croatian version).


Building a custom ASP.NET user registration form

11/17/2011 By imarusic 0
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Many custom solutions require development of a custom user registration form. In this article we'll show you how to build a simple MonoX user registration form that includes several custom fields.

MonoX architecture explained - the UI

11/12/2011 By khorvat 6
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MonoX includes a lot of functionality out-of-the box: blogs , discussion boards, other social networking and mobile content management features and many more. But when it comes to customization, where do you start and what can you customize? Let us dig into the MonoX architecture to find out more.

Using Mono DataManager

11/02/2011 By pajo 3
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Every developer deals with data retrieval, display and manipulation - or data binding - on a daily basis. DataManager in MonoX allows you to use two-way data binding in a more elegant way. It can push your data to and from your views, taking care of the current display mode for each control.
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