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Release Announcement: eChecker - FREE VNeeS Validation Tool

05/18/2010 By zarko 0
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Mono Software and PRS today announced the release of the first VNeeS (veterinary e-submission) validation tool: eChecker. 

eCTD Office eChecker (VNeeS Validator) is a super fast and accurate, off-the-shelf veterinary electronic submissions (VNeeS) validation system. eCTD Office eChecker allows for import of the VNeeS folder / file structure to report whether the structure conforms to the VNeeS format (immunological or pharmaceutical).

eChecker was built on top of the specifications published in the "Guideline on the specifications for provision of an electronic submission (e submission) for a veterinary medicinal product" - published and maintained by the TIGes-Vet.

eCTD Office is a suite of integrated NeeS / VNeeS / eCTD software products for the creation, validation, viewing, manipulation and archiving of NeeS / VNeeS / eCTD submissions of regulatory documentation by pharmaceutical companies to the regulatory authorities.