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Do I need to buy the source code?  (Mono Support )

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5/22/2013 3:44:26 PM

We are a software development company and plan to fundamentally develop the way the group functionality in the social networking features of MonoX work in order to meet our requirements. In addition to this we plan to extend the file and events functionality quite significantly. For example, we plan to:

- Allow groups to be hidden as well as private    
- We plan to list documents within a group and set their privacy to that of the group that contains them
- The same with events as mentioned for documents above
- We plan to extend events to allow them to either contain discussions and files or link them all up
- We are going to create a concept of networks of users as well as groups

We were wondering whether you recommend purchasing the 
source code in order to achieve this level of customisation?
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5/22/2013 6:16:19 PM
Yes, you will need to buy the source code for this level of customization.
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