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CNR License

MonoX Copyright Notice Removal license allows you to remove the MonoX copyright notice and re-brand all sites running on top of MonoX on a single domain.

$99 / License
Copyright Notice Removal License
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Priority support

Get all the help you need in less than 24 hours from people who know every aspect of MonoX and who implemented dozens of customized applications based on it.

$1999 / 12 months
Priority Support - 12 months
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Source edition

Get access to the full source code of the MonoX engine and customize it to suit your needs.

$2999 / Source
One year of priority support is included.
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General terms and conditions

MonoX is a free product that you can use in both commercial and non-commercial scenarios without any hidden limitations. Note that we do not provide dedicated technical support for the free edition. Support is provided via our community resources - blogs and forums.

You must include a copyright notice ("Powered by MonoX") with a link back to the MonoX site (http://monox.mono-software.com) on all sites or Web applications built on top of MonoX. You may change the style of the notice to blend in with your current design. If you have not purchased a valid copyright notice removal (CNR) license, the copyright notice must remain clearly visible. Please do not attempt to hide it in any way. We will contact the hosts of any users violating these terms, requesting your Web site be taken down immediately under the DMCA act.

Priority support

MonoX priority support covers installation and configuration issues, priority in bug fixes and "how to use" type of questions. It does not cover custom application development, new template designs, new feature or feature change/customization requests, and consulting services. We will be happy to provide such services through Professional Services contract - please contact us for more details.

The following terms and conditions apply to priority support services. Note that these terms do not apply to support provided as part of the community support offering via our Web site or support provided in response to a general inquiry via email or phone.

Priority support contracts are valid for 12 months. Mono support working hours are: 09:00-17:00 CET, Monday-Friday.

A support request received within the working hours will receive a response in no more than 24-hours. A request received outside of the working hours may not receive a response until the next day. Support is not available during Croatian national holidays. In all cases, the 24-hour response time applies only to working days as described above; weekends and holidays are not counted in the 24-hour period.

Source edition

MonoX is available as a fully functional install package. Full source code is available only with the purchase of the Source Edition. It allows you to modify the core functionality of the MonoX engine. Applications built using a Source Edition license do not have to include a copyright notice and a link back to our site, and can be totally re-branded. 12 months of priority support is included.

Purchasing information

After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email from us. It may take up to 24 hours until you receive a license key or instructions on how to generate it (depending on the product you purchased). Customers ordering products that include full source code will be contacted to verify their identity.

We accept the following payment methods: secure online credit card, wire transfer, phone, fax, mail/check/money order and PayPal. Please follow the instructions on the payment screen for more details.

All your personal information will be handled in the strictest confidence and would not be disclosed to any third parties unless required by law, regulation or court order. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to process your transactions in order to keep your information confidential during any online financial transaction with us. We do NOT keep your credit card data on our servers.

All Mono Software products can be downloaded and evaluated for unlimited period of time. Therefore, we generally make refunds only in cases where a credit card was stolen and used to purchase a product license. Purchases of source code editions of our software are not refundable. All requests for refunds are thoroughly investigated by our technical and legal departments, and all fraudulent claims are reported to the appropriate authorities.