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custom fields: create, store...  (Mono Support )

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11/9/2011 9:27:38 AM
I'm want to extend some things with additional logic(extend profile, add some new photo album features)...

At example I'm create my own MembershipEditor with custom fields(gender, birth date). Now I want to associate this data with specific user profile.

1. Can I store my data without DB modification?
2. Can you tell me for MonoX best practices how to save and store data?
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11/9/2011 7:41:14 PM

MonoX UserProfile table already contains fields that might match your needs(eg BirthDate), so in that case you do not need to change the DB. If you want to add some additional fields, we suggest you to create a custom table and there you can store your custom data.

MonoX uses ORM LLBL Gen Pro for data manipulation and uses a repository pattern, We are preparing a blog post on How to make custom membership editor which extends the MonoX's one. Although that blog post is not finished yet, please take a look at the attached files which might help you.

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