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PageAdmin.aspx javascript error and json serialization error  (Mono Support )

Viewed 15783 time(s), 2 post(s) 9/13/2015 1:35:30 PMby techster


9/13/2015 1:42:48 PM


I cannot get past the error in portal administration --> Pages

It get the following debug error:

element is null and I am getting an error:

0x800a139e - JavaScript runtime error: Sys.ArgumentException: Value must not be null for Controls and Behaviors.

  if (type.inheritsFrom(Sys.UI.Behavior) || type.inheritsFrom(Sys.UI.Control)) {
</br>        if (!element) throw Error.argument('element', Sys.Res.createNoDom);
</br>    }

Same error on three computers running Windows 7 and VS 2013.

Users, roles, lists are all fine.

The error shows when I click 'Pages'

Nothing is  logged.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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9/14/2015 7:50:18 AM
Hi techster,

If you are using Visual Studio please turn off the "Browser Link" feature. It's known to cause this error.

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