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How to create link for RSS Feed icon  (Mono Support )

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1/18/2012 12:54:07 AM
I see how in MonoX the RSS link is generated in the <head> of RSS enabled webparts/pages. I also see how auto discovery is implemented in the popular browsers. However, I still have many request from my user community to put a old fashioned RSS icon on pages where RSS feed is available. I guess this is because auto discovery is not obvious to users.

I am not an expert on how RSS works so I may way off track here but I looked over the MonoX API. I could not figure out how the actual RSS feed url gets generated. For example on a blog page /blog/posts/my-blog/ it appears that the RSS Feed URL is something like /blog/posts/my-blog/?MonoXRssFeed=my+blog

I assume if I were to place an RSS icon opn page would make href="/blog/posts/my-blog/?MonoXRssFeed=my+blog". Correct?

Is there any way in API to get the RSS Feed URL or some logic convention by which I could compose such a URL?

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1/18/2012 10:39:05 AM
Your assumption is correct. The logic is actually very simple: the RSS engine looks for the presence of a particular query string parameter - in default case, it is named "MonoXRssFeed" (to minimze the possibility for parameter name collisions). You can just add this parameter to your base URLs and that's it - you have a URL that is ready to be used in your RSS icons.
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