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Extending the MonoX User Profile  (Mono Support )

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8/26/2015 5:45:43 PM

I am setting up a child entity of the user profile in MonoX. (The new entity is called UserExperience (a collection of user experiences) and it is a child of the user profile; it will never be used except in conjunction with the profile.) Right now I am relating it to the AspnetUsersEntity. Should I setting up the relationships to the UserProfileEntity instead? When I try to use the DataManager (for example, in the EditProfile control) to bind my new data it utilizes the UserProfileEntity.

I am curious about what the difference is and what I should use to extend the profile appropriate. Thanks for your response.

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8/31/2015 10:33:56 AM

1. Extend UserProfile with your UserExperience in database.
2. Re-generate MonoX DAL with LLBLGen which will then create UserExperienceEntity with relation to UserProfile.
3. Add prefetch path from UserProfile to UserExperience in GetUserProfile method inside UserProfileRepository:

PrefetchPath2 pp = new PrefetchPath2(EntityType.UserProfileEntity);
pp.Add(UserProfileEntity.PrefetchPathUserExperience); // Add this line

NOTE: If you have access to "Priority Support", you can post your questions there.

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