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10.12.2012. 8:17:47
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The site Admin has set up a blog. We want specific Users to be able to add blog posts but not to have full Editor facilities. So on the attached the Blog Settings tab should not appear to the User.

We have looked at assigning through the portal administration Publisher rights for Users but this does not provide the solution we want.

Please advise.

10.12.2012. 11:28:14
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Can't see the image very well (the Lightbox doesn't seem to work always nicely with small notebook screens), but I think I have similar issue. I have created an EventEditors role (I have an events page with a Calendar) and want to give some users the right to add entries to the calendar. So I edited the calendar part properties in the page and gave edit rights to the EventEditors role, then assigned some users to that role.
</br>However when these users visit that Events page they see the top bar that says they can change the look and feel of the page etc. Obviously I don't want that (doesn't look pretty and with versions etc. is a bit too technical)
</br>A solution could be to NEVER show that bar unless the user has ALSO been added to some special role like CanSeePageBar (users having that role assigned to them wouldn't see that bar unless some role that gives them edit rights is also given to them, or unless the admin assigns to that same CanSeePageBar role edit rights for some parts of the site). That's why I don't call that role SeesPageBar or PageEditors etc. but CanSeePageBar, since it would serve just as a flag/hint on whether to not show edit bar (also I don't want a role CannotSeePageBar since I'd have to go on and give it to each user I give EventEditor role which would be problematic - maybe an alternative could be to have both CanSeePageBar and CannotSeePageBar roles there as hints and have a setting in web.config on which one of the two is an implied role for all users apart from admin of course [or maybe apart from some other low-level roles too])
</br>Probably the Mono team needs to add something like this

10.12.2012. 11:35:43
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speaking of implied roles, is there ROLE INHERITANCE? haven't checked (I'd vote for multiple inheritance btw, inheriting from a list of other roles (with some loop checking)
</br>if there was, it would be easy to say that "Users" role inherits from "CannotSeePageBar" and then for any user we want to be able to see the bar we'd add "CanSeePageBar"
</br>obviously the system would treat inherited/implied roles as being of less priority, e.g. CanSeePageBar being assigned to a user would override the CannotSeePageBar that would be inherited from Users role.
</br>of course such overrides would be hardcoded in the system - maybe it would be cleaner to have parametric roles, e.g. CanSeePageBar<true> / CanSeePageBar<false> instead of CanSeePageBar and CannotSeePageBar, but could be too much

10.12.2012. 14:37:19
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@John: If I understand you correctly, you will need to either add your role to the BlogAdministrators setting in the web.config, or - alternatively - add individual users to the blog editors field in the blog settings screen.
@Zoomicon: you are correct, admin bar appears if the user is assigned to the editor roles of any of the parts on the page, otherwise he would not be able to manage the part properties that are displayed on it. CanSee/CannotSeeBar could work only with a separate mechanism for part management (popup or something else). We are thinking about this feature for the next versions, as well as role hierarchy that would include the role inheritance.

10.12.2012. 14:47:18
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Thanks Denis, I did add individual users to the blog editors field in the blog settings screen. The reason for my question is that it does not provide the solution required. When you add a user to the blog editor's field they gain permission to access the Blog Settings. We don't want Users to have access to blog settings but we do want them to be able to compose and publish a Blog Post. Can we achieve that? Regards

10.12.2012. 15:30:19
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Hi John,
unfortunately you can not do it in the current MonoX version without code modifications. As Denis wrote we are planning to implement additional features, but currently your request is a custom feature which requires custom coding. I can guide you through some modifications on your free MonoX edition, but please bear in mind that you will need to write some code and extend the MonoX modules.


10.12.2012. 15:36:58
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Hi, thanks for the confirmation. I'll consult with programmer colleagues and get back to you. Meanwhile please give me an indication of cost if we were to ask you to write the code. Regards

10.12.2012. 16:10:35
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in the event calendar case too, I just want some users to have access to Add Event button, not be able to access the settings, so a way to hide the bar for those users would be best

a quick hack might be to hide that bar (if it exists) in code for users who are not in admin role or CanShowPageBar role I guess

11.12.2012. 8:05:15
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Hi, we have plans to extend both modules with similar or role security although I can't say when this would be published but I suppose it good thing that we have that on the road map.

11.12.2012. 14:19:19
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@john: please contact me directly to discuss the costs.
@zoomicon: it might be a good idea to change the logic of the calendar parts and allow specific non-admin groups to be able to add events etc. I forwarded this to the guys working on it, and it should be solved soon.

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