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MonoX Architecture Explained - the API Layer

07/31/2013 By khorvat 3
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A short - but hopefully complete - overview of all aspects of MonoX architecture and how to get best out of it. Covers Data Access Layer, Repositories, Business Logic Layer, various APIs, etc.

MonoX architecture explained - the UI

11/12/2011 By khorvat 6
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MonoX includes a lot of functionality out-of-the box: blogs , discussion boards, other social networking and mobile content management features and many more. But when it comes to customization, where do you start and what can you customize? Let us dig into the MonoX architecture to find out more.

Fighting spam with MonoX

04/06/2010 By denis 0
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Blog comment spam has been a massive frustration for our users over the last few months. Although the original release of MonoX blog subsystem followed the Google recommendations for preventing comment spam, the guys behind this obviously lucrative business don't really care about "nofollow" tags - they are submitting non-relevant comments agresivelly.
This is going to change with the new, "social networking" release of MonoX later this month. We provide a pluggable, provider-based architecture that enables users to pick one or more public antispam services or develop their own solutions