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Working with Monox localization resources

12/08/2012 By imarusic 2
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We are recieving a lot of support requiests related to the modification of the default localization settings, or adding a new language to the custom projects. In this post, I will try to shed some light onto this topic.

ASP.NET localization settings in MonoX

09/14/2011 By imarusic 8
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Learn how to use the interactive localization infrastructure in MonoX. This interactive approach is more flexible for single projects, as it does not require project recompilation, and all of the localization resources are stored in the portal database.

MonoX Localization (Obsolete)

04/06/2010 By denis 0
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Please note that this article is obsolete, please read the following article for more information ASP.NET localization settings in MonoX

Localization is one of the areas in which we made a very significant progress during the past few years. First release of MonoX included only a default support for localization: you were able to localize the user interface elements using the standard .resx approach, but you had to open an additional portal for each of the target languages that were required for localization. Content synchronization was rather difficult, so we decided to redesign this feature and introduce a flexible arhitecture with support for run-time localization. This means that you don't have to use Visual Studio or other tools to change localization resource files; everything can be done through the browser-based administration interface.

A single portal instance can support unlimited number of localized sites, where each site has the same structure, but different (localized) content. You can change the navigation hierarchy and modify the layout of every localized page. Each of the existing pages (administration etc.) can be fully localized using the Language management section. Note that MonoX can use both resource (resx) files and a database to store localization values. You can switch between resx and database modes by changing the globalization tag in the Web.config file. The database mode is specified by adding the following attribute to the globalization key:

resourceProviderFactoryType="MonoSoftware.Web.Localization.DBResourceProviderFactory, MonoSoftware.Web.Localization"

This feature gives you a complete control over the localization process, since it would be impossible to localize all resources at run time (both built-in and custom ones) using only a resx approach. It is possible to export values from database to resx files and vice versa, both for a single page/control or for a whole portal at once. Additionally, MonoX uses a translation engines to suggest a correct translation for each localization resource.

The default portal demo at has its localized Croatian version at