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Thread synchronization in .NET

05/10/2012 By pajo 0
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This is a short intorduction to thread synchronization in .NET. It covers some basic techniques that you may be already familiar with, but also explains how to deal with scenarios when you need to cross process boundaries. We also visit some of the issues that may arise with synchronization.

Customizing ASP.NET URL rewriting rules

05/23/2011 By denis 0
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MonoX comes with a powerful rule-based URL rewriting engine based on the popular UrlRewriter.NET package. In this post we will learn to use one of its more advanced features, custom transforms, to introduce an additional level of URL rewriting, and to squeeze every bit of SEO juice from your URL formats.

How to: Extend MonoX and ASP.NET Profile

03/14/2011 By khorvat 6
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Almost a year ago, I wrote a tutorial about MonoX Profile support, describing two possible approaches supported by MonoX when you need to develop a custom user profile. Almost every custom Web application has its own custom profile scheme, and our default profile system needs to be changed very often.This tutorial will help you jump start a custom profile by adding a few sample templates. 

MonoX as a Social Networking platform

04/06/2010 By denis 0
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You may noticed that we've been quiet for the last couple of months. The vacation season is not the primary reason for the lack of updates - quite contrary, we are adding new features to MonoX on a daily basis. Just to give you a test of things to come, here is a short list of features that will be included in the next version that will be released later this year:

- MonoX is switching to .NET 3.5, allowing us to use LINQ, Dynamic Data, portions of MVC technology and similar stuff in the core libraries
- we have switched to the Web application project model, as it offers way better development experience on larger projects - compilation process is now shortened dramatically
- we have introduced some exciting changes to the licensing scheme - more on that later
- MonoX will include a complete Social Networking module set: friend lists, invitations, messaging, wall, notes, groups, profiles...
Stay tuned for more news and let us know which features do you want to see included in next releases.