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ASP.NET WebAPI, APNS and Android working together

02/01/2013 By mario 0
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This post describes the application I recently created to send the location of an Android device to Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). We will use a nice mix of technologies, including ASP.NET WebAPI and Xamarin's Mono for Android.

Creating transparent rounded buttons in MonoTouch

09/27/2012 By mario 0
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Learn how to create custom UIButton views with MonoTouch, featuring custom drawn graphics, transparent backgrounds and dynamic appearance based on the custom application logic.

iOS Augmented Reality with some trigonometry

09/26/2012 By mario 9
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There are several concepts that a developer must grasp when preparing to write an Augmented Reality app: OpenGL, translations, rotations, scaling etc. In this post, I am describing some basic concepts from analytic geometry that are often used in AR application development.

Building an augmented reality app for iPhone with MonoTouch

08/28/2012 By mario 1
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A few months ago we started developing a rather advanced augmented reality application for iOS, thinking that it would be a good idea to share our newly acquired knowledge with the rest of our community in a series of blog posts.

ASP.NET meets jQuery Mobile

08/27/2011 By denis 0
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Whether it is a native application, a mobile-optimized Web site, or a hybrid solution, mobile development is taking place at a breathtaking speed. MonoX users were frequently asking about the best approach for delivering content and services to their audiences over the mobile devices. We are happy to announce that starting from the version 4.5, MonoX allows users to create Web sites optimized for such devices.